Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Leverage Tools on Amazon to sell more books

  1. Adding Book cover images
  2. Book Description
  3. From The Author
  4. Editorial Book Reviews
  5. Inside & Back Book Flap
  6. More About the Author
  7. Author Bibliography
  8. Amazon Best Seller Ranking
  9. Customer Reviews/Testimonials
  10. Tags
  11. Participation in "Customer Discussions"
  12. Creating Unlimited Listmania Lists
  13. Creating Unlimited Guides (a.k.a: So You'd Like to . . . Guides)
  14. Request "Search Inside the Book Program"
  15. Request Browse Paths
  16. Request Browse Categories (this benefits the "Look for Similar Items by Category")
  17. Request Subject Categories (this benefits the "Look for Similar Items by Subject")
  18. Add a video interview, book trailer or book signing video
  19. Your Author Profile Page (via your Product/Book Detail Page)
  20. Adding blog feeds to your Author Profile
  21. Adding your twitter feed to your Author Profile
  22. Book Extras - by adding the following via

  • Characters/People
  • Ridiculously Simplified Synopsis
  • Summary
  • Quotations
  • Settings & Location
  • Glossary
  • Organizations
  • Awards, Themes & Symbolism

 leverage all of of these tools that Amazon provides to increase your book sales.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014
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--------------------------------------------- >POD and eBook Creation Software

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ISBN's - EIN's, Identifier"s - Copyright - LOC - Library of Congress [Bowker] -BONUS for ISBN purchases.

Bowker has more than just ISBN's:


GREAT Tools & Resources

eBook Booster is a service that announces free ebooks on 50+ free

Book marketing database - Writer Cube: EXCELLENT!

"Best money spent" --  $40-=$100

The Author Marketing Club has a page here for authors looking to submit their free KDP days for promotion. If you scroll down and click on the list of logos, it brings up a window where you can enter your information – just make sure to do it ahead of time, say at least a week, so you’re guaranteed to have it listed (plus, it’s just polite AND keeps you from going crazy at the last minute).
I also used a bit of marketing help from thedesertgirl on Fiverr. For $25, she promoted my days to several sites I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. I was happy to pay the small fee for her to handle it, since the day my sales started all I had to go was log in to see she’d tagged and promoted me with several book listing sites. I will definitely use her again for future free book days.
I  took out a Facebook ad too, promoting a post about the free download days. I think I put in maybe $25 – I got a ton of new fans for my author page and feel confident it converted into at least a couple handfuls of the 20K+ downloads.
I would absolutely recommend checking out these links for other advice too. They not only list great links for where to submit your listing, but also offer tips on when to choose your days, how to promote through social media, and more.
Before your days, make sure to submit your listings to all of the sites you can find like these (Pixel of Ink, Free Booksy, etc.). .
On the day of, make sure you’re posting on all your networks! Use your Facebook fan page to your advantage and talk it up. Same goes for Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. Write up a blog post announcing it and make it live that morning so it reaches your fans and followers early. Ask your fellow writing groups and author contacts to share it out  (and make sure to offer to repay the favor for them). And for all that is holy, thank every. single. person. who shares, RTs, and helps to promote YOUR product. We wouldn’t get far without them.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Build A Great Press Page Right Now -

Build A Great Press Page Right Now

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